Miss Evergreen

Devenn Miller – Miss Evergreen 2018

Education: Olympic College- Sophomore- Associates Degree, South Kitsap High School

Platform Issue: Helping Kids Reach Their Fullest Potential, The Importance of Early Intervention Services.

Scholastic/Career Ambition: Obtain Associate’s Degree and transfer to a University to obtain Masters in Psychology. I plan to use my degree to become a Child Psychologist in a school or private practice.

Leadership Roles:  Fathoms O’ Fun Queen 2014; Dance Team Captain 2014-15

Accomplishments:  Maintaining a 3.88 GPA throughout my first year of college, Overcoming my fear of driving a vehicle and obtaining my driver’s license.  

Interesting Facts:  I own a special edition 1991 British Racing Green Mazda Miata; I am the master of cheesy jokes; I owned 11 cats; I ate a Cricket once

Employment:  Baskin Robbins(2015- present); Spirit Halloween (seasonally 2013-present), Toys R Us (seasonally 2016)

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