Q: How do I become a contestant?

A: We require each potential contestant to meet with members of the board for a pre-interview and talent audition. Contestants are not required to have their competition talent piece ready at this time, but will be required to show the board that they are capable of performing a talent of some kind, in order to proceed to the Orientation.

Q: What sort of commitment is required to compete for Miss West Sound?

A: Contestants will be asked to participate in fundraisers in order to ensure a succesful and memorable journey through the competition. Dress Rehearsal, Private Interview with your judges and Pageant Day are all required in order to compete for the title of Miss West Sound/Outstanding Teen.

Q: Is there a fee to compete for Miss West Sound?

A: There is no fee required to compete. However, each contestant must secure $500 in sponsorship from local businesses in order to be eligible for special awards. Miss Contestants are required to fundraise $100 for Children’s Miracle Network, which is the national platform of the Miss America Organization. Teen contestants are required to create a profile on the CMNH website, but raising funds is optional.

Q: What will I be required to purchase?

A: We are a scholarship pageant. It defeats our purpose if you (or your parents) shell out large sums of money for clothing. Being the contestant who spends the most money on her evening gown, or other pageant wardrobe, will not guarantee you the title of Miss West Sound/Outstanding Teen. That being said, you will need an interview outfit, an evening gown, a swimsuit or active wear, a costume for talent, and a couple of production number outfits. It is more than acceptable to borrow items from fellow contestants, former titleholders or friends outside of the pageant system.Judges will pick Miss West Sound/Outstanding Teen based on how she carries herself on stage, answers interview questions, and performs her talent. They will not choose her based on the amount of money she spent.

Q: What if I do not have a talent?

A: EVERYONE HAS A TALENT! Singing, playing an instrument, dancing, or performing a monologue are the most popular. However, Miss America preliminaries have seen a variety of unconventional talents over the years. Basketball dribbling to music, changing a carburetor, and sewing a dress are just a few. If you are committed to working with our committee and coaches, and are willing to put in the effort, we can help you be pageant ready.

Q: How much scholarship money will be awarded?

A: The amount of scholarships is determined by the amount of sponsorships we bring in. You do not necessarily have to win the title to earn a significant scholarship amount. We offer a Lion’s Club Community Service Award, a Director’s Award, a Top Ad Sales Award, Scholastic Achievement and a first time contestant “Rookie of the Year” Award.

Q: What will I be required to do if I win Miss West Sound/Outstanding Teen?

A: Our Miss West Sound and Outstanding Teen are service minded. You will be required to make many appearances during your year of service. Appearances include speaking to students in our Kitsap County schools, attending civic organization meetings (such as the Lions Club, Kiwanis Club, Rotary, etc.) and attending a multitude of fundraising events, ribbon cuttings, parades and Chambers of Commerce events. You will be required to attend a “Spring Forum” weekend (mid-spring) and a weeklong Miss Washington Teen competition (Memorial Weekend) and Miss Washington (July). Ultimately, your year is what you make of it. Your education, employment, family, and social life are very important to your success and happiness as Miss West Sound/Outstanding Teen. However, your judges will choose the young woman whom they feel will put in the most work and enthusiasm during the year. We will expect you to follow through with that, should you win the title.

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